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LS-DVH CAT.5E UTP 25AWG + Tempered

Product code: LS-DVH CAT.5E UTP 25AWG + Tempered

  • Conductor 25AWG/4PRS
  • Conductor material 99.97% pure Korean LS copper
  • Twist step International standard
  • Wire sheath Primary PVC plastic, black
  • Length 305m/roll
  • Tempered Steel 7*0.33



Product overview

Product's name LS-DVH CAT.5E UTP 25AWG + Tempered
Conductor material 99.97% pure Korean LS copper
Conductor insulation HDPE
Cover Primary PVC plastic, black
Cable Type UTP
Application Telecommunication/CCTV/Computer/Cable,....
Origin Việt Nam
Producer Việt Hàn
Certificate ISO9001:2015, Quatest 1, TIA/EIA-568-B2, TCVN8698:2011
Tempered Steel 7*0.33

Product detail

Due to the outdoor characteristics that are not covered from rain or sun, not all network cables are suitable for outdoor use. Outdoor network cables are typically durable, resistant to oxidation, weather changes, and impact. Therefore, specialized network cables for outdoor use are widely used today, especially in the installation of surveillance camera systems.

In order to meet the market demand, Viet Han has launched product lines of network cables, camera signal wires with many different types. LS-DVH CAT5E UTP 25AWG + Tempered  is one of the most selected product lines today.

What are the outstanding advantages of LS-DVH CAT.5E UTP 25AWG + Tempered signal wire?

  • 8 Pure copper wire core 99.99%, insulation HDPE ensure the most stable signal transmission.
  • The HDPE core insulation sheath imported from Korea ensures the elongation, the standard for network cable products
  • The standard twisted step of core pairs helps the transmission line of the Vietnam-Korea cable to reach the fastest signal
  • Power-assisted parachute rope helps users to easily construct
  • Conductor: 25AWG/4PRS corresponding conductor diameter 0.45mm
  • 7*0.33mm . Steel Reinforced Thread
  • Insulation PS film

Signal wire LS-DVH CAT.5E UTP 25AWG + Tempered

LS-DVH CAT.5E UTP 25AWG+ Tempered signal wire is mainly used in connecting network lines, transmitting signals in computer systems, cameras, … in homes, outdoors, project works. big. LS-DVH CAT.5E UTP 25AWG + Tempered carries an operating frequency of up to 100MHz, corresponding to a signal transmission range of about 130m-160m.



Why are Vietnamese-Korean network cables chosen by customers in today’s big projects?

The product line network cable is one of the product lines in the wire and cable industry, so the manufactured network cable product lines must fully meet technical standards and quality certificates. The same goes for Vietnam-Han network cables, the product lines are fully qualified by the standards of the Bureau of Standards and Quality for network cables.

The product line of Viet Han cable products achieves high quality by:

Using pure copper Korea LS ensures the stability of signal transmission

Korean-imported Jelly moisture-proof oil meets international standards for signal line moisture resistance

The twisted steps of the network cable are all standard to help the wire achieve the fastest signal transmission.

Factory system, and production line are synchronized according to Korean standards, and staff are trained by Korean experts.

Vietnam-Korea signal wire network cable is always confident to be a high-quality product line, the best choice for your project.


Where to buy LS-DVH CAT.5E UTP 25AWG + Tempered signal wire?

In Viet Han, the factory directly manufactures network cables, we have a network of distributors and agents across 63 provinces and cities across the country. With a wide network of distributors and agents, Vietnamese and Korean products easily reach consumers and large projects.


For more details please contact

Viet Han High-Tech Manufacturing Joint Stock Company

Lot 5, Cam Thuong Industrial Cluster, Ba Vi, Hanoi

Hotline: 0922.010.686





Parameter table

Product's name LS-DVH CAT.5E UTP 25AWG + Tempered 
Conductor 25AWG/4PRS
Conductor material 99.97% pure Korean LS copper
Conductor insulation HDPE
Operating frequency 100MHz
Length 305m/roll
Certificate ISO9001:2015, Quatest 1, TIA/EIA-568-B2

Packing and shipping

Paccking: 305m/roll/lot