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Viet Han respectfully announces the change of company name, logo, and brand identity to all customers and partners.

First of all, VIET HAN TADAMA., JSC – Viet Han Production and Trade Development Joint Stock Company would like to sincerely thank the trust and support of our customers and partners during the past time. That is the foundation to motivate us to strive for strong and steady development throughout the 6-year journey since its establishment until now (2018 – 2024).

In recent years, Viet Han factory has produced quality products, pioneering research and innovation to continuously improve products serving the fields of lighting and information technology. From a newly established factory starting from scratch in the Wire and Cable industry, experiencing the difficulties of the Covid pandemic and being affected by the world economic recession, with the determination to start a business. of young people, Viet Han has grown up, confidently built a sales system across the country, developed bilateral cooperation with FDI partners, and made breakthroughs in launching new and typical products. is a fireproof electrical wire product.

In order to elevate the brand with new strategies and positioning, the brand identity clearly demonstrates the “breakthrough, creativity, international integration” personality of Viet Han and embodies youthful and energetic energy. full of aspirations of young Vietnamese people who dream of creating high-value industrial products to participate in the world’s supply chain.

Entering 2024, Viet Han will officially change the Company Name, Logo and Brand Identity System to match its strategy and scale at present. Products and publications including The old company name and logo are still valid and will be gradually replaced.

From January 1, 2024, we would like to announce the following changes:

Company name: VIET HAN TADAMA., JSC – Viet Han Production and Trade Development Joint Stock Company.

Officially changed its name to: Viet Han High-Tech Production Joint Stock Company.

Field of activity: Production and trade of network cable products, signal wires, residential electrical wires, LED string lights, tin-plated copper wires, and decorative lights.

Vision: To become a high-tech manufacturing factory creating international quality products in the field of network cables and electric wires. Continuously developing and participating in the global production supply chain, thereby promoting the country’s advancement in the trend of international integration and cooperation. Mission: Always innovate, research and offer solutions to meet all customer needs in the field of technology transmission and electric energy. Contribute to creating a safe life for families.

Core values: Solidarity – Creativity – Dedication – Responsibility – Breakthrough.

Viet Han’s logo:


Meaning of the new logo model:

Viet Han’s symbol is 3 H letters connected into a hexagon, representing long-lasting sustainable development – symbolizing the brand’s durability, steadfastness, and steadfastness in the future. The interweaving of each side of the hexagon represents a stylized V with harmony and ingenuity. “Customer is the center” is always the guideline in Viet Han’s customer service process.

The shape of the logo is a stylized reference to the honeycomb – the image of “nature’s perfection” – the logo aims to expand, connect, and join hands to build the strong development brand of Viet Han.

The word “VIETHAN” is expressed in a strong, bold font that brings a sense of solidity, designed in a sans-serif font in the style of the 1920s and 1930s, mixed with a bit of modern text with meaning. Always remember the construction journey, and the difficulties and always aim for development. The corners of the letters are slightly rounded, soft, and flexible, representing the nature of the Wire and Cable manufacturing field.

Orange appears as the main color tone of the logo, expressing the youth, dynamism, creativity, and determination to start a successful young people business with the mission of providing quality products to Vietnamese people. Orange is also a color that represents vitality, cheerfulness, and energy, like an always abundant flow of vitality, helping the brand reach an international level.

The slogan Peace of Mind – Safety – An Phat will still appear in the image layout of Viet Han, the position is placed appropriately when included in the design as a throughout value of the brand. Choose with peace of mind, Safe to use, Safe for life.

Brand identity system:

The new brand identity of Viet Han

The identity is methodically implemented and carefully invested, the result after a long year of preparation by leading experts and consultants on strategy and branding who have cooperated with Viet Han. Viet Han’s new design language is a strong, angular breakthrough, expressing the core aspects of the brand: Quality values with new advancements, and the desire to reach out globally.

The new logo will automatically take effect on all contracts, documents, websites and products under the Viet Han brand. All operating functions and other related information of the company remains unchanged.

Changing the brand identity will open the door for a new development strategy to bring Viet Han’s brand to new heights, creating a clear brand impression for customers and better meeting customer needs. With this meaning, Viet Han hopes to continue to receive support and cooperation from customers and partners in the coming time.

We would like to respectfully inform you and wish our customers and partners good health and greater success in your businesses.

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Whatsapp: (+84) 922.010.686

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