Vietnam and Korea cooperate to export to Canada market

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With the goal of bringing the Vietnamese network cable product brand to the world market, Viet Han always considers and always tries its best to be able to carry the pioneering mission to affirm the quality of Vietnamese network cables in the world market.

Viet Han work with Canadian partners

In 2023, Viet Han is pleased to welcome partners from the Canadian market to visit the factory, opening up great opportunities in the world export market.

For the specific Canadian market, fully meeting the certificates required by the Canadian market. Seizing those opportunities, right from the first time working with Mr. Dominic – the head of a chain of leading supermarket chains in Canada has loved and fully wishes to cooperate with Viet Han to bring products to a demanding market like Canada.

Viet Han is very happy and proud to be one of the network cable manufacturers that fully meets the standards of fastidious markets such as the US and Canada.

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